Tenants guide

Tenants guide

There are many benefits to renting a property via an agency. This guide is intended to explain some of them and to help you understand how Myler Lettings can make sure you have a happy and successful tenancy.

Renting can offer a greater choice and flexibility than owning and using a reputable letting agent can make the difference between finding the home you want or not. Finding the right agent to suit your needs is not always straightforward, so follow our guidelines before you begin:

  1. Ask friends and colleagues who are renting which agents they used and whether they would recommend them. Finding a reputable agent can be tricky if you don’t know where to begin, but at Myler Lettings we are well established and have many years of experience in the rented sector.
  2. Discuss your requirements in detail with Myler Lettings, such as type and size of property, furnished or unfurnished, location and length of tenancy. This should ensure you are matched with the right property.
  3. As a prospective tenant you will normally be expected to pay at least one month’s rent in advance plus four to six weeks’ rent as a deposit.
  4. References required may include one from your bank or accountant to establish your financial standing. A character reference is also required. This may be from your previous landlord, employer or solicitor. A guarantor may also be required in certain circumstances. Make sure you know who will be acting as your referee.
  5. Allow 10 days for references and monies to be cleared.

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